Mentorship Program

Fashionkind’s mission is to provide professional clothes to women recovering their self-sufficiency after completion of treatment for addiction and substance abuse.  Our next step is to begin funding participants of a new program called Ellevate.  One woman at a time, Ellevate will offer valuable experience and skill development in a safe, supportive environment where the bottom line is giving back.

Ellevate’s first program participant is Bailey, a 25-year-old native of San Diego currently residing in a sober living home. Bailey completed a rehabilitation program and has been free of substances for over 100 days. Beginning in high school, she spent the better part of a decade in the grips of addiction, unable to attend college or acquire marketable skills. Much of her time is currently focused on developing coping mechanisms for overcoming challenges and supporting other women in recovery. Her path to self-sufficiency begins with a job.

Fashionkind’s Ellevate program will train Bailey in preparation for the workforce. In an environment where the goal is helping others, Bailey will earn money serving the charity while gaining valuable digital marketing skills that are in considerable demand in the San Diego workforce. She will assist in areas such as web development, graphic design, and social media marketing. She will gain managerial experience with the coordination of volunteer activities. She will also play a role in the strategic development of the charity’s brand and message. This is especially important since Bailey is a member of the very demographic Fashionkind aims to reach.

Ellevate will also cover Bailey’s transportation by Uber to and from Fashionkind’s headquarters three days a week for sixteen weeks. In the process she will develop work ethic and soft skills like punctuality, accountability, and responsibility. There will be an emphasis on self-care including breaks for yoga, meditation, and/or sponsor check-ins. In addition to skills and experience, Bailey will leave with increased self-esteem and confidence, a resume and employer reference, and enough money earned to purchase a reliable vehicle.

Ellevate’s model is based on the belief that uplifting women will put them in the best position to feel a sense of belonging, contribution, and giving back to the community. Every woman who overcomes crippling adversity serves as a model to many others. This will be the first of many young ladies to benefit from what promises to be a life-changing program with a domino effect.